Welcome to the Village of Ontonagon’s “frequently asked questions” page. This page serves as a collection of all FAQ for our Village.


What are the Village Office hours? (M-F 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

How often does the Village Council meet? (2nd & 4th Monday @ 6:00 p.m.)

Where are the Village Council Meetings held? (Village Council Chambers – 315 Quartz Street)

What is the Village Annual Budget? (3.1 million)

What are the Village’s major spending categories? (Water/Sewer & Roads)

What is the size of the Village payroll? (Currently 9 full-time employees)

When are the water meters read? (Around the 10th day of the month)

What are the water billing cycle dates? (From the 20th to the 20th of each month)

Does the Village offer auto pay for water bills? (yes, an application needs to be completed and auto pay will begin after the completed application is received.  Auto pay payments are done on the 15th of each month)

Do I have to bank locally or set up a special account for water auto pay? (No, simply complete the auto pay application and funds can be withdrawn from your existing checking or savings account).

Does the Village accept credit or debit cards?  (Yes – see Home Page on Web Site)

Do I have to be a Village resident to be employed with the Village of Ontonagon? (No)

When does the Village mail their property taxes? Property taxes are mailed the beginning of July each year. Property taxes are due by September 14th. After September 14th the Village tax roll is turned over to the County Treasurer for collection.

Is auto pay offered for paying Village Taxes? (No) you may pay your taxes with a credit card, debit card  or echeck on our website main page- Pay your Taxes – or call PSN at 877-390-7368.


Do I need a building permit if I am doing the work myself? (Depending on the work)

Do I need a building permit to construct a fence? (You need to complete a fence permit)

Do I need a building permit to re-roof or re-side my house? (No)

Do I need a building permit to construct a deck? (Yes)

Where do I get a building permit? (Applications are available at the village office or you can go the State of Michigan website bureau of construction codes; you may also contact the State Building Inspector – Charles Curtis Assistant Chief 517-241-7053


Where is the Village Marina located? (Located on the east side of the Ontonagon River)

How many slips does the Village Marina offer? (40)

When  does the marina open for the season? (May 15 – October 15)

Does the Village Marina have restroom and shower facilities? (Yes)

Does the Village Marina offer launch services for boats in the dry and open boat storage areas? (Yes)

Does the Village Marina have a fuel dock? (Yes)

Do you have a fish cleaning station? (Yes)

What is the cost for a marina berth? (Rates are set by the Marina Commission to comply with DNR and State Waterways Commission fee criteria)


Whom do I call for a burning permit? (The Fire Chief 906-884-2131)

Does the Fire Department dispose of old paint, cleaners, and other hazardous materials? (No)

How can I become a firefighter for the Village of Ontonagon? (Applications are available at the fire hall)

How do I obtain a copy of a fire report? (Contact our department 906-884-2131 and provide the incident date and address)

Can I have an outdoor fire, other than a grill? (Refer to the Village Burning Ordinance)

Can I use a fire hydrant to fill a pool? (Yes, with permission from the fire department, contact the department for fees)


Does the Village have a winter parking ordinance? (Yes, refer to ordinances)

May I push snow from my driveway into the streets? (No, this prohibited by Village ordinance. Residents may be held liable for any accidents caused by shoveling snow into the roadway)

My mailbox was knocked down by the Village snowplow. Who fixes it? (If the Village was responsible for mailbox damage, call the Village Office 884-2305 to submit a service request)

There are potholes on my street; who will fix them? (Call Department of Public Works 906-884-4181 to make a service request)

What do I do if my street light is out? (Call the Village Office 906-884-2305 to notify them of the problem)

I have a loose or hanging tree limb. What do I do? (Call the Village Office 906-884-2305 to make a service request)

I just moved to Ontonagon, how do I get water service in my name? (Call the Village Office 906-884-2305 for a billing change)

Who do I call if my water meter isn’t working? (Call the Village Office to schedule a work order)

What do I do if I have rusty/discolored water after a main break repair or hydrant flushing? (Sediment in the water pipes can be knocked loose during either a water main repair or hydrant flushing, causing the water to turn a shade of brown. To alleviate this problem you should run any faucet in your house that does not have a filtration screen until the water is clear).

I am going to dig in my yard. Do I need to call Miss Dig System? (YES, always call Miss Dig before you dig: 1-800-482-7171)

There are different colored flags in my yard. Why are they there, and what do they mean? (These flags represent the utilities located under ground Orange = Phone; Red=Electric; Green=Sewer; Yellow=Gas; Blue=Water)