Planning Commission

3-year term

The Role of the Planning Commission is to assist with writing and updating Village ordinaces, the Village Master Plan, and any other plans identified by the Village Council and to hold public hearings on the plans' adoption. In addition, the Planning Commission reviews, holds hearings on, and acts upon zoning ordinances, maps, conditional use permits, and variances as well as considering subdivision applications. Further, the Planning Commission reviews individual projects for consistency with the Master Plan, any applicable specific plans, the zoning ordinances, and other land use policies and regulations. Annually, the Planning Commission reviews the Village's Capital Improvements program and the public works projects of other local agencies for consistency with the Master Plan. The Planning Commission coordinates local plans and programs with those of other public agencies to the degree possible and undertakes special planning studies as needed. The Commission provides a written Annual Report to the Village. The Village Council appoints members to the five-person Commission. Planning Commission meetings are held at 3:00 pm on the third Wednesday of the month.


James Brogan

Term expires 2020

Vice Chairman


Term expires 2020


John Hamm

Open Seat

Term expires ...


Henry Hoefferle

Term expires 2020

Open Seat

Daniel Szymanski

Term expires ... 2022